Myall Fitness

Myall Fitness gym equipment

For core strength and balance, Myall Fitness has all the necessary equipment and classes

Myall Fitness is a fully equipped gym available to locals and visitors. The gym offers a huge range of equipment for those who want to start a fitness regime, improve their existing fitness or maintain a certain fitness level.

While gardening, walking, DIY jobs, housework and other day-to-day activities are good exercise for health, they won’t improve your fitness. More vigorous cardio vascular exercise – combined with resistance and balance training – will make you fitter, make every-day tasks easier, and generally improve your quality of life.

At Myall Fitness we cater for all your exercise needs through membership packages (see below), holiday packages or casual visits. Take advantage of an individual programme, join any of our classes (see below), or follow your own exercise regime.

Myall Fitness membership packages:

Join for the time that suits you:
2 weeks
1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months
Myall Fitness exercise

Myall Fitness has an extensive range of equipment

Myall Fitness classes:

Core stability classes:
Tue 6-7pm
Fri 9-10am
General circuit:
Wed 9.45am-11am

Please download our Fees and Classes pdf for more details.

Why exercise?

Exercise and weight training are essential if you want:
increased bone density
improved quality of life
improved self image
improved muscle tone
less body fat
lower blood pressure
lower blood cholesterol levels
improved posture
healthier back
reduced risk of injury
reduced risk of blood clots
reduced stress levels

Located in the industrial area of Tea Gardens, Myall Fitness provides exercise programs for every level of fitness. Whether you are a beginner just starting out on our fitness journey and looking for specific guidance, or you are a seasoned gym visitor with a clear goal in mind, you will find the equipment and program that suits your needs.