Full Page Advertisement

Some businesses don’t need a full website or don’t have the time to develop and maintain a website. For this reason we offer a one-page advertisement within our Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens websites.

A web page is a fantastic way for business owners to gain a web presence without the overheads associated with a fully-fledged website or the need to understand web and web-related technology.

A one page advertisement offers a low cost alternative to a complete website and provides:
a single web page dedicated to your business
your own web address that can be printed on business cards and other promotional material
a way of promoting your business with no limit on the length of the content.

Our experience tells us that many business owners do not want the hassle of developing the content for a complete website. Some small business owners find the cost of setting up and hosting a website cost-prohibitive. Others find they have no interest in developing the skills needed to maintain a website.

If you are a business owner in Hawks Nest or Tea Gardens a small business web pageis the perfect solution to these problems.

We can assist you with the content of the page and treating images so they are web-ready.


There is an initial set-up costs of $250.00 and an ongoing annual fee hosting fee of $75.00. The set-up costs represent a fraction of the cost of a full website.

If you are looking to develop a website in the future, a web page with us can provide the perfect interim solution and all the material we help you develop can be reused on your website (it will never be wasted).

Please call us to discuss your needs. We offer an obligation-free service to help you decide if you would like a web page to promote your business.

Remember, your web page will be advertising 24 x 7 locally, regionally, nationally and internationally (even while you sleep).